The Clinic

Abathon Institute arose from the common interest of physicians dedicated to different fields of Medicine who wanted to provide world-class medical service and an integrated view of patients’ needs across different medical specialities.


Currently, 50 professionals are part of the clinic. And 61 new specialists with strong fit with our features and goals are still joining our thriving institute.


Clinic with USP doctors in Sao Paulo

To provide medical care with a broad and humanistic view, emphasizing ethical behavior and citizenship.

To be the reference name in quality of medical care, with the dynamism and global approach that a clinic with multiple specialties can offer.

Abathon is how the earliest records of Ancient Greece named a sanctuary where people were healed while asleep. The treatment was applied by special people (medium) and consisted of medicinal plants and in some cases invoked divine power. This power of the medium in Abathon is cited as one of the first reports of “medical power”.